Guardian ad Litem

A Guardian ad Litem is an attorney appointed by the court to represent the best interests of a minor child in a domestic relations or a juvenile court proceeding.  A court may appoint a Guardian ad Litem if requested by a parent or by the court’s own action.

The duties of a Guardian ad Litem are to discover the legal and equitable rights of his or her ward (the minor child whose best interests are being represented by the Guardian ad Litem) and bring those rights to the attention of the court for consideration and decision.  The actions of a Guardian ad Litem include interviewing the ward, observing the ward with the ward’s parents, investigating significant persons, and obtaining and reviewing relevant documents concerning the ward.  A Guardian ad Litem usually files a report about the ward with the court and attends all hearings of the court involving the ward.

For more information about Guardians ad Litem, contact Adam O. Johnson.  Adam has been appointed as a Guardian ad Litem by courts in several different counties in Ohio, including Franklin County (Columbus, Ohio) and several others.